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L’autisme: un monde si fascinant …

L’autisme interroge nos connaissances, interpelle nos pratiques et nous met au défi d’innover dans nos représentations et nos approches cliniques.

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Deconstructing scientifically some of the myths regarding autism

In the French-speaking European community, the myth that autism is caused by a bad mother-child relationship is still prevalent in some areas, despite all scientific evidence. Other myths remain about autism, and this paper addresses issues related to the prevalence, the associated symptoms in autism, and finally questions the notion of a lack of empathy in ASD.

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Latest findings in autism research: how do they support the importance of early diagnosis and immediate intervention?

It is increasingly recognised that early intervention starting during the first three years of life is critical for improving the outcome of children affected with autism spectrum disorders. Accurately diagnosing autism at a very early age remains however challenging.

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Particularités cognitives dans le trouble du spectre de l'autisme : la théorie de l'esprit et les fonctions exécutives

Les personnes avec TSA rencontrent de grandes difficultés dans la cognition sociale et dans les fonctions exécutives.

Psychothérapie de personnes vivant avec le syndrome Asperger autour de la caetextia

Savoir à quel type de caetextia nous avons affaire, permet d’abandonner – ou du moins d’utiliser avec de grandes précautions – l’auto-observation et l’introspection sous peine d’être en échec.

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Diagnosis and Intervention for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Switzerland

There has been a considerable change in the diagnosis of autism spectrumdisorders in children in Switzerland and most centres specialised in ASD now use the international standards required for a diagnosis of ASD, using gold standard tools such as the ADOS and ADI-R.

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